Training Camps

Summer Camp 2019

TFC Summer Camp 2019 will be held from Monday 29th July – Saturday 3rd August. Booking forms and more information is available here.

Sabre Veterans Training Camp 2019

Truro Fencing Club is hosting a training weekend aimed at competitive veterans who are preparing for the 2019 veteran sabre competitions. The training will begin on Friday, 21st June at 6.30pm and end on  Sunday, 28th June at 4.00pm.
For Booking forms and more information see our Sabre Veterans Training Camps page or click here.

About Our Camps

Truro Fencing Club typically runs at least two Major Training Camps during the year – usually a “Summer” and an “Easter” camp.

These camps attract fencers from all over the UK & Europe and are staffed & supported by top class coaches across all three weapons. Smarter competition preparation, technical and tactical training are key areas of focus.

All facilities for training, accommodation & catering are on-site at Truro School, Trennick Lane, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 1TH.

The camp caters for sabre, foil and epee, & includes training for wheelchair athletes. The camp is suitable for all ages and abilities except for absolute beginners.

Included In Your Fee

  • At least 4 individual lessons with top-class coaches – Footwork training
  • Technical and tactical training
  • Sparring & Competitions
  • Fitness training, including CV, core, interval, flexibility, circuit training and other aspects of your fitness
  • Sessions with expert support staff in the fields of strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and other sports sciences
  • Extra evening fencing sessions at Truro Fencing Club – A TFC Summer Camp Tee Shirt
  • Daily sports drinks, water, energy snacks and lunch

Areas used during camps: 1 & 5 Main school building (Canteen and accommodation), 24 Cornwall Fencing Centre & 26 Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre

Ben Ainslie Sports Centre
Truro Fencing Club Campus Map